Earth Animal Tenders - Chicken - Flex - 4 oz.

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Perfectly roasted without the fuss, what more could you want? These Tenders are PERFECTLY PLAIN and mouth-wateringly delicious. The only problem? You??ll need a towel to clean up all that drool! Chicken Tenders For dogs with sensitive stomachs or picky palates ?? no chance they turn their noses up at these. Lean and Clean 100% whole chicken breast. Low fat. Low calorie. No carbohydrates. Grain and gluten free. Simply delicious! Proudly made in PA Made with real, white-meat American chicken breast in Lancaster County, PA. Whats next? Chicken is great, but some dogs like pork, or beef, or sweet potatoes. The possibilities are endless but we guarantee well select only the best ingredients for your animals. Check back for updates!

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